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Bois 1920 Youth Magia


Bois 1920 Youth Magia

Product Type: Eau De Toilette
Brand: Bois 1920 Youth
Country of Origin: Italy
Fragrance Family: Oriental
Style: Unisex


The spark that ignites passion. Magia shakes us up and out of the mundane, awakening our senses through the irreverent use of citruses and animalic notes. Bergamot and mandarin constitute an indefatigable glow that makes us break into our widest grin. As these sunny citrics beam, they proudly introduce the most sensual heart of Magia. Sandalwood is a slippery magic, a green quicksilver that slides over skin like powdery sharp silk. Amber is mouthwateringly salty, a taste that keeps us tantalized and increasingly thirsty for more…more Magia!

Luminous jasmine petals soften sleek sandalwood and saline amber into a slinkier affair, a scintillating nude effect. Our senses continue to rollick as a potent musk takes affect in the base of Magia. Musk stabilizes each and every lively, jazz-jumping element herein, breathing stillness into Magia with its hot, irresistible animal magnetism.

Magia is a shimmering triumph, a youthful debut that cuts up any rug that needs dancing and sluices through obstacles and obstructors with the greatest ease. A silver bullet of citric superpower.

Fragrance Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Sandalwood, Amber, Jasmine, Musk, Animal Notes

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Product SIZE: 100ml

Product SIZE: 0.7ml Sample
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