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Contre Bombarde 32


Contre Bombarde 32

(2 customer reviews)
5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
Product Type: Parfum Extrait
Brand: Sauf
Country of Origin: Italy
Fragrance Family: Woody Aromatic
Style: Unisex


A potent, magnetic fragrance, Contre Bombarde 32 sets our pulse to racing. Hot and metallic yet utterly transparent, this scent smells of another world, or perhaps, the future. Elemi, juniper and bitter orange meld into one element, a post big bang fusion of brightness that flips into a vortex of black, that is (ironically) just as internally illuminating. The most powerful stop, the Bombarde resembles a magically amplified trombone, and this intensity is continuously articulated by the contrasting smoke of sandalwood and cedarwood. Simultaneously lactic and desert dry, these woods produce the deepest lateral-longitudinal reverberations within our sensual mainframe. Amber is a soothing, resinous balm, it’s golden salty sweetness the segue into the taffy-like texture of caramel and an almost herbal bittersweet vanilla. Golden-sepia tones of the basenotes mirror the shine of brass and wooden shimmer of the Bombarde’s triangulated resonators. Sweet, dark and terribly addictive, Bombarde explodes within our chests, an emotional release from which there is (thankfully) no return or regression.

Fragrance Notes: Vanilla, Amber, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Juniper, Elemi

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Sauf Bottle
Product SIZE: 50ml

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2 reviews for Contre Bombarde 32

  1. Helen

    Contre Bombarde 32 is candy-like, churchy, and holiday festive all at once. *5 Very Tempting Stars*

  2. mariekel

    One of most stunning incense perfumes of recent years: soaring, smoky, resinous and warm. The three Sauf fragrances are all gorgeous, but this one may well be a masterpiece.

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