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Series 3 Incense Kyoto


Series 3 Incense Kyoto

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Product Type: Eau De Toilette
Brand: Comme des Garcons
Country of Origin: France
Fragrance Family: Woody Chypre
Style: Unisex


For over 5000 years people all over the world have been burning incense in order to honour their ancestors, purify the air, symbolize the ascent of a prayer, induce a meditative frame of mind, accompany a ritual, or simply to make one feel positive. The Comme des Garcons Incense Series 3 collection represents dreams of spiritual journeys across the world and imagines incense as an evolution of time and space. Kyoto represents Buddhism and Shintoism. Named after the city of Kyoto, formerly the imperial capital of Japan. Kyoto is a celebration of cleanliness and simplicity.

Incense snakes across a dark, reflective pool of cypress oil, like mist rising in the dawn. The energizing, sharp steam of coffee adds a streak of translucent chestnut to this portrait; this streak of color in the morning sky is echoed in the black-brown sheen of teak billed birds who bend their wooden forms in quick jerks along the shore. As these hand-carved pipers weave in and out of the vetiver rushes and pungent stalks of patchouli that border this pond, a larger creature approaches. An improbably quiet elephant, it’s heavy hide a resinous crust of Amber. In its trunk, it carries a branch (Virginia cedar) and a flower (Everlasting), a symbolic offering made before the beast commences its bathing ritual. Like a mountain bath, surrounded by snow and shadowed by pines, Kyoto becalms and centers, a fresh, minimalist steam that cuts right to the core of any worry and renders our troubles superfluous. Profoundly clarifying.

Fragrance Notes: Incense, Cypress Oil, Coffee, Teak Wood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Amber, Everlasting Flower, Virginian Cedar


Product SIZE: 50ml

Product SIZE: .7ml Sample
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1 review for Series 3 Incense Kyoto

  1. jrmcquill (verified owner)

    Once again, I am very impressed with another CdG Series 3! This is the brightest and freshest of the series, for me. I agree with the comments that this is a meditative fragrance. Sadly, it does not last long on me…same went for Avignon. This is pure pleasure to wear, and seems to brighten and uplift my energy. If there is such thing as “fresh” incense, this is it. Thumb up.

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