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Sang Bleu

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Sang Bleu

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Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Le Galion
Country of Origin: France
Fragrance Family: Chypre
Style: Masculine

Composed from an unfinished formula by Vacher, while the master was completing L’Eau Noble in the early 70’s, Sang Bleu is masculine, muscular and musky. Fresh and racy but eternally refined. Galbanum is tireless, a crisp, ebullient verdancy that connotes youth and uplift. Citrus (bergamot, lemon and orange) is a sunny infusion, whose bittersweet tang makes our mouths water and increases our sense of (delicious) anticipation. Aromatic notes (artemisia, rosemary, eucalyptus and tarragon) are dulcet, sour and earthy, a combination that fills us with an invigorating hunger, a thirst for more…more heat and excitement, which is quickly supplied in the form of spicy florals. Geranium shimmers, a cross between pink pepper and rose, communicates an androgynous romantic sensibility. Jasmine and rose are thick, rich textures that slip, like heavy satin, effortlessly over skin. Violet is a bright note amidst this concentrated floral core, signaling the luminous infusion provided by spices (pink pepper, cloves). Cedar and patchouli smolder around these florals, engineering a searing, almost astringent quality, clarifying Sang Bleu’s seductive intent. Animalic base notes bring a distinctive nobility to Sang Bleu. Frankly sensual, this bold perfume is intended for the prince who aims to cultivate their renown.

Fragrance Notes: Galbanum, Bergamot, Orange, Lemon, Artemisia, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Tarragon, Geranium, Jasmine, Rose, Violet, Pink Pepper, Cloves, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vetiver

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1 review for Sang Bleu

  1. Phil Ball

    This is a complex fragrance and, as such, is hard to define. I’m not so keen on the opening, it can be a little harsh and abrasive, but it soon settles down, as the top citrus notes dissipate, and I start to get wafts of this wonderful perfume. It’s soapy, slightly floral, aromatic, spicy, a bit powdery and smooth with an animalic, musky base, all balanced to absolute perfection. It’s very well blended to the point of being almost creamy and individual notes are difficult to discern. Being neither too heavy or too light, it’s also very versatile.

    This does have a classic scent vibe that is reminiscent of powerhouse fragrances from the 80s, except this is smoother, more refined and it doesn’t need to shout it’s presence, although it’s still wonderfully masculine. It also has a few contemporary elements that stop it smelling dated. Classic but not so much that you wouldn’t want to wear it today. There are similarities to Kouros but this is MUCH more refined, sweeter, softer and not nearly as harsh. The animalic elements of Kouros smell ‘dirty’ on me, as though I’ve been in an animal pen, and the harsh opening lasts quite a while on my skin but I don’t get any of that with this fragrance. I get about 7-8 hrs longevity and moderate projection.

    The more I wear this fragrance, the more I love it. The florals perfectly balance out the sharper, drier and herbal elements. I’ve since tried many niche fragrances in this genre or with similarities but nothing has compared; they are either too floral, too herbal, too animalic or too soapy, whereas this has the perfect balance of all those components. I can’t get enough of it. So much so, it could well become my signature.

    CAUTION: This fragrance needs to be sprayed correctly to fully appreciate all its different facets. Spray too concentrated in one place and you will get a blast of astringent citrus with a cheap deodorant vibe. However, spray with a lighter touch and you will fully appreciate the depth and colour of this little beauty.

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