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Oud Wa Ward


Oud Wa Ward

Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Berdoues
Country of Origin: France
Fragrance Family: Oriental
Style: Unisex


Oud Wa Ward is an expression of the classic marriage of oud and rose. Patchouli etches out the initial moments of this fragrance. This green, fruity leaf smokes as it unfurls, a sweet, tart vapor issuing from its delicate veins. Turkish red rose is a prismatic, dynamic flower. Alternately clean and indulgent, the texture of this rose is of delicate, yet resilient satin. It’s color is a brightly burning, flame red, an apt visual expression of the flower’s strawberry bright, sweet scent. Alongside these bright, playful counterparts, oud is a dense, dark smoldering presence. The oud is uniquely honeyed, yet entirely solid. Resembling a polished nugget of blackest jet, oud is a hard-edged sparkling gem emitting a smoky, savory scent. Oud Wa Ward is a stunning triumvirate of three primary scents (colored green, red and black). Oud Wa Ward is a glamorous, rich scent that dresses up even the most mundane circumstance. Brilliant and as versatile as a precious stone, Oud Wa Ward is a dazzling instance of oud.

Fragrance Notes: Patchouli, Turkish Red Rose, Oud

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Product SIZE: 100ml
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Product SIZE: 0.7ml Sample
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