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Oud Wa Vanilla



Oud Wa Vanilla

Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Berdoues
Country of Origin: France
Fragrance Family: Oriental
Style: Unisex


A surprisingly smoky, vanillic oud. Madagascan vanilla is a burnished treacle that’s dark yet transparent. Through this syrupy stream, jasmine peers, an unusually tart, indolic version of itself. Agarwood is the opaque match for vanilla’s dense color, but this oud is anything but sweet; drily aromatic, agarwood or oud constitutes a climbing, trellis of smoke from which jasmine trails. Amber is the ideal base for this sweet scent, a dusty, savory crystal whose salty character balances the dulcet, indulgent preceding notes. An oud that is quietly present through the filter of vanilla, jasmine and amber, Oud Wa Vanilla is a playful, gourmand reimagining of oud. Ideal for oud-interested parties, who are reticent to dive head first into this note’s challenging textures, Oud Wa Vanilla reassuringly paves the way.

Fragrance Notes: Madagascan Vanilla, Jasmine, Oud, Amber

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