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Les Tourterelles De Zelmis

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Les Tourterelles De Zelmis

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Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Oriza L. Legrand
Country of Origin: France
Fragrance Family: Floral
Style: Feminine

Nature had abandoned its wintry scene.
Birds were chirping on boughs of green.
Turning their thoughts to loving ways,
While perfumes heralded finer days…

The first scent of spring. Ice melting, it’s crack and shimmering disappearance similar to the burst and receding heat of black pepper. Ivy leaf, a bittersweet survivor of snow and wind emerges, a stalwart and strong verdant element. Bourbon geranium sings sweetly, like the graceful touch of sunlight upon a the pink color of a petal slowly peeping out from beneath its tight sheath of green leaves. Red peony is a burst of sour sweetness, it’s floral energy and enlivening as a grippy, easily sippable, springtime rosé. Rose de Mai capitalizes on this colorful allusion to its inimitable presence and emerges with force, signaling that life has started to burst, and not merely bud. Turkish rose elaborates upon this theme but keeps things light–roses, after all–do best in springy (not summery)  climes. The romantic Turkish rose is as breathtakingly crystalline as a pink diamond. Beeswax is a sweet reminder of buzzing magic of pollination (and, one might say, the reproductive romance of the season). A gorgeous spring rose, Les Tourterelles De Zelmis is positive, poised poetry.

Fragrance Notes: Black Pepper, Ivy Leaves, Geranium, Red Peony, Rose, Beeswax

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1 review for Les Tourterelles De Zelmis

  1. Helen

    First off, roses typically bother my sinuses, so it’s no surprise that the rose lovers out there have many worthwhile recommendations that I think would fare better than Les Tourterelles De Zelmis. The sharp geranium in this doesn’t help any. My main problem here is that the last traces of this fragrance are exactly like any of the synthetic rose-oud frags by Montale, a house best sampling from but not buying from, in my opinion. It’s a kind of synth-oud note that actually may be the “chemical overlay” or “plasticine” characteristic some people, myself included, have complained about with this house. I’m being generous with a 4 Star review because Oriza is a beautiful revival house that isn’t without its issues.

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