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Black Afghan


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Black Afghan

Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Mad et Len
Country of Origin: France
Fragrance Family: Leather
Style: Unisex


Painted face, fire, a polished black nail. Wafts of hypnotic smoke. The Malang shaman swirls to the sounding tambourine, whirls in pious ecstasy. Frozen pine crackles, a kind of arboreal electricity that surrounds and fills the airy limits of this scent with a bittersweet freshness. Crystallized amber opposes the icy cool of pine: herein, amber is unctuous, salty, sweet and ultimately animalic. It glimmers and glows like a sacred object, locked in the belly of a beast: Black Afghan dares the wearer to unearth the savory, heady potency of this element, and how this will play out on skin is anybody’s bet: amber can be the big Bete or beautiful, depending on it’s situational chemistry and dosage. There is, however, one constant that assures amber’s smooth temperament: old burned wood, like a crude, hand fashioned sword, sluices through the thickest parts of Black Afghan, rejuvenating and lifting our spirits with it’s bittersweet, smoldering swagger. Black Afghan endows any wearer with a swirling, sensual sense of mystery. Enjoy the mythos.

Masterful, utterly unexpected, Mad et Len personal perfumes achieve a seemingly impossible marriage, between the sumptuous and the avant-garde. Within the outer box package, a custom-made iron case houses each black-glass bottle.

Fragrance Notes: Burnt Wood, Amber


Product SIZE: 1.7oz

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Product SIZE: 0.7ml Sample

Out of stock

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