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Amyris Femme

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Amyris Femme

Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Country of Origin: France
Fragrance Family: Floral Woody
Style: Feminine

With its head is in Jamaica and its heart in Florence, it’s no wonder that Amyris Femme packs a vivacious punch. The Amyris duo resolved out of thin air, somewhere between the flaming brilliance of the sun and the deep, resounding vibrations of the earth. Its center revolves around Amyris, a tree born under the Jamaican sun and Iris, the subtlest of Florentine flowers. Together, they kindle an unquenchable fire that never dies. Lemon flower bestows a demure grace on this vivid scent, so that from the outset we’re never overpowered by the crystalline brilliance that shines at the heart of this scent. Orange’s bittersweet, zesty piquancy is like an engine revving at the starting line of a race.

The excitement it incites prepares us for the full tilt collision of amyris and iris, that echoes throughout the rest of this scent. Having run into one another at full speed, these two elements regard their newfound companion from within their entwined embrace. In amyris’ outstretched arms, iris is emboldened and positively beams, projecting it’s unusual charms far further than it would unaccompanied. Under iris’ supple spell, amyris reaches full fantasy potential, a graceful, fervent scent that’s illustrates the malleable nature of true strength. The earthy spice of vetiver and the salty, rich seaborn powder of amber mark the finish of this remarkably taut, yet luscious fragrance. Born from the exuberant interaction of the Jamaican Amyris tree from and the rare Florentine Iris, Amyris Femme is floral, woody and luminous. A surprising union that delights as it succeeds.

Fragrance Notes: Lemon, Orange, Amyris, Iris, Vetiver , Musky Amber

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