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Ambre Cashmere Intense


Ambre Cashmere Intense

Product Type: EDP Intense
Brand: Parfums De Nicolai
Country of Origin: France
Fragrance Family: Woody Oriental
Style: Unisex


After a long night gabbling with well dressed raconteurs in the Marais, you’ve made it home to the higher, cooler clime of Montmartre. As the new day dawns, you’re blissfully aware of every quiet wonder; Ambre Cashmere is the subtle comfort of coming home after ribald adventures and experiencing the world with fresh eyes. Black pepper and mandarin orange initially define this crisp autumn day, where bakery smells fill the air; the aroma of fresh bread drifts under your nose, studded by the additional richness of citric nuggets (citron) –embedded in brioche, perhaps. The alabaster eye of Sacre couer looms overhead, against the fading purple dawn. This blue and white skyline is the orris and violet at the heart of Ambre Cashmere. The effervescent sweetness of violet is matched by the opaque chalk of orris, a marriage accentuated by cloves’ translucent spice. The base of this scent is a perfumed portrait of the surrounding city; 18th century facades in all shades of vanilla, park benches polished by years of wear (benzoin), patchouli and sandalwood form the well groomed trees that populate every little square. An unseen stranger’s perfume lingers in a cloud before you, and you recognize the smell–laudanum. Through the windows of closed cafes, lopsided tables are stacked, still sticky with spilled coffees and pot au chocolats (tonka bean). A curl of smoke floats out of an open window onto the city air, already so dense with centuries of cigarettes that the vapor does not disperse; it condenses, a crystallized residue (amber), the lacquer of every windowsill. A silken scent with long-lasting wear, this newest Nicolai is a balm for the soul. Like the quiet joy of an indispensable, signature scarf against your throat, soothing after an evening of wine and Gaulouises, Ambre Cashmere is so soft, calm, and chic, it ameliorates the possibility of a hangover–or of any cold weather depression. A perfect, unmistakably Parisian addition to any autumn wardrobe.

Fragrance Notes: Black Pepper, Mandarin, Lemon, Orris Butter, Violet, Clove, Vanilla Absolute, Labdanum, Benzoin, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Musk, Amber


Product SIZE: 100ml

Product SIZE: .7ml Sample


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