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Ta’if Travel Set


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Ta’if Travel Set

Product Type: Travel Set
Brand: Ormonde Jayne
Country of Origin: England
Fragrance Family: Floral
Style: Unisex


An intoxicating and audacious rose from the town of TA’IF: situated above the shores of the Red sea and overlooking the Arabian desert, Taif is a destination that glows most brightly in the dark. This scent prefers dusk to daylight, and the illicit promise of darkness, parties, whispered promises and passionate assignations. Pink pepper and saffron make for an electric opening, a neon aura outlining this glamorous composition. Dates add a dulcet dankness countered by the refreshing, piercing sweetness of aqueous freesia, piquant orange blossom and luscious jasmine.

A bittersweet, night cool, aromatic breeze (broom) energizes heady cocktail of TA’IF while amber solidifies the salty sweet dichotomy of romance, the sensibility which reigns supreme throughout this scent. An opulent composition, TA’IF is guaranteed to boldly announce your entrance while confidently your undeniable status as a real belle of the ball. Delightfully hot (with spice), yet refreshingly cool (thanks to pale flowers and aromatics) TA’IF imitates the contrast of a high blush rising into one’s cheeks (born of pleasure) framed against the glimmering cold lapis of a midnight sky.

Fragrance Notes: Pink Pepper, Saffron, Dates, Rose, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Tonka Bean, Amber, Vanilla, Musk

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Product SIZE: 5 x 8ml

Out of stock



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