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Isfarkand Travel Set


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Isfarkand Travel Set

Product Type: Travel Set
Brand: Ormonde Jayne
Country of Origin: England
Fragrance Family: Citrus Aromatic
Style: Unisex


Super cool, in the most literal sense: Isfarkand is both hot and cold simultaneously a spicy explosion so modish, vibrant and sensual, it’s irresistible. Lime, a terse, floral, verdant energy, pulses at the outset of this scent, like an insistent beam of light penetrating one’s bedroom curtains, awakening us to the particularly exciting prospect of a new day. Mandarin is slightly less insistent, but nonetheless ebullient: tangy-sweet and juicy, this citrus emulates the sensation of fresh cool water splashed onto still sleep-addled eyelids. Bergamot beckons us back into the bedroom, a sizzling, tart dash of humor, like a lover calling affectionately for us to return to bed.

An infectious energy–pink pepper–seizes our hearts, minds and bodies: however we greet the day (back in bed for a lovely bout of exercise or on our feet, eagerly dressing with liberal precision), pink peppercorn’s sparkling sweetness translates our mounting sense of positive potential. Cedar and moss are sultry yet sturdy and sends us hurtling out the door, in search of whatever adventure(s) our hearts long for. Direct, dynamic and enthusiastic, this androgynous, stylish scent sweeps away cobwebs and set us on task.

Fragrance Notes: Lime, Mandarin Orange, Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Cedar, Iris, Vetiver, Oakmoss


Product SIZE: 5 x 8ml

Out of stock



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