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Product Type: Parfum Extrait
Brand: Zoologist
Country of Origin: Canada
Fragrance Family: Floral Fruity
Style: Unisex


From the ethereal perspective of the exquisitely adorned hummingbird, the world is an endless kaleidoscope of colourful, fragrant blooms offering up their tempting delights. An insatiable desire for sweetness propels the hummingbird as it floats from flower to flower, sampling the nectar with a gentle touch of its delicate tongue. Retreating to its lichen and moss-lined nest, it settles into the cozy cocoon and dreams of sweet ambrosia. Zoologist Hummingbird mingles light floral tones with delectable fruity nectars to create a harmonious balance. This diaphanous scent alights upon you in a pastel bouquet of honeysuckle, mimosa, lilac and peonies, with just the lightest dusting of natural sugars found in pear, cherry and honey. A finishing dollop of velvety whipped cream melds the tantalizing notes, completing this irresistible and opulent perfume. Perfumer: Shelley Waddington

Zoologist Hummingbird does not use animal products.

Fragrance Notes: Apple, Cherry, Citrus, Muguet, Plum, Rose,Violet Leaf, Honey, Honeysuckle, Lilac, Mimosa, Peony, Tulip, Ylang-Ylang, Amber, Cream, Coumarin, Moss, Sandalwood, White Woods, Musk


Product SIZE: 0.7ml Sample

1 review for Hummingbird

  1. Helen

    The scattered notes in Hummingbird took some time to sit on my skin and meld into a multi-flower honey folded whipped cream. Interestingly, it smelled like deja vu, with one particular fragrance in mind, Oriza L. Legrand, Jardins D’Armide; only substitute the powder, in preference for the cream. And just like Oriza, the scattered notes added to this feeling of deja vu, because the chemical reminder was intensified by the disappointment of my leaky travel spray. Really, I wanted to give Hummingbird 5 Stars because I do smell its beauty, but its defect, too, is undeniable. The notes refract again in Hummingbird’s final stages and it’s a scattered mess again.

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