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Keap Candle WAVES


Keap Candle WAVES

Product Type: Candle
Brand: Keap
Country of Origin: United States
Fragrance Family: Not Visible
Style: Not Visible


Evokes warm happy days spent by the ocean. Waves happen, big and small, in all bodies of water. Picture, for instance, the classic beach wave: white capped, majestically crested, packed with the mouth tingling intensity of sea salt. Or perhaps you’d prefer to experience a wave in ripple fashion: a gentler, circular motion that pools outwards when a crisp, sweet, green (galbanum) dips into its aqueous surface.

The aftermath of a wave is just as dramatic as the wave itself: seaweed lingers on a shore strewn in every direction, it’s green-brown-azure-crimson translucence a stained glass embedded in a chapel of sand. Star anise is all the sweetness that is sea air dissolving into mist, an ephemeral, moist spice that translates sun on skin and toes buried in cold sand simultaneously. Cyclamen tones done salinity: a floral accent that is almost cruciferous in its watery density, this bloom makes one think of the icy refreshment of bubbling brooks. Calone brings us to a compromise: a magical, blue lagoon, where the smell of fruit mixes with water and a distinct sense of the tropics.

Cool and warm, deep and sweet, Waves washes us clean of worries and woe and carries into the light. Made with clean, sustainable coconut wax. 50 hour burn time.

Fragrance Notes: Sea Salt, Galbanum, Seaweed, Star Anise, Calone, Cyclamen

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