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Russkaya Kozha


Russkaya Kozha

Product Type: Cologne
Brand: Berdoues
Country of Origin: France
Fragrance Family: Leather
Style: Unisex


The beauty of Imperial Russia’s wildest spaces, rendered through fine fragrance. The complex biodiversity of this ever-expanding land is evoked in this voluminous vapor. An elegant evocation of leather, Russkaya Kozha unfurls with intentional langor. Initially sweet and largely unidentifiable, Russkaya Kozha is a billow of jewel-toned smoke that sparkles prettily–until it explodes. Like a Molotov cocktail, the ideal beauty of Russkaya Kozha bursts and dissolves into diverse shards that cannot be remade into a cohesive whole. Spanish cade is one piece of this puzzle: spicy, grainy yet surprisingly slick and hardy, cade’s bittersweet aromatic eloquence is hypnotizing. Malaysian Siam benzoin resembles chatoyant tiger’s eye, all glinting glances and hidden hints amidst the confusion. Guatemalan cardamom manages to unify, in spite of its own dual nature. Spicy-sweet and icy-hot, cardamom defies logical expectations of spice, as winds its lyrical, cool-high floral harmonies around the combusted body of Russkaya Kozha to contain the fragrant mess inside. A mind-bending conundrum, Russkaya Kozha is also eternally beautiful. Enjoy its potent power and experience a surge of history.

Fragrance Notes: Cardamom, Benzoin, Cade

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