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Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Andrea Maack
Country of Origin: Iceland
Fragrance Family: Woody
Style: Unisex


Craft is an anomaly; so pure it increases our heart rates and drives us to pursue every challenge, no matter the odds. An ice-cold missile with a heart of fire, Craft fires into perfumed outer space and zips between planets of scent at light speed. The dichotomy of it's cold exterior and the molten fuel core is key to its minimalist, space-age cool; effortlessly fresh and bright (buoyed by the fruity green of patchouli, the waxy brilliance of elemi and the sweet crisp of cedar) yet complicated by sleek metal, boundless aldehydes and the fleeting freeze of ice, Craft fuses into one compact, silver bullet that pierces the past and present in it's ever-focused pursuit of the future. Craft is good, clean inspiration. Spray and Carpe Diem.

Fragrance Notes: Elemi, Patchouli, Virginia Cedar, Aldehyde, Ice, Cold Metal

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Product SIZE: 50ml
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Product SIZE: 0.7ml Sample


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