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Beach Hut Man


Beach Hut Man

Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Amouage
Country of Origin: France
Fragrance Family: Woody Aromatic
Style: Masculine


An olfactive escape to a place of freedom and oblivion, where nature overpowers all senses. This Amouage fragrance is utterly classic, a luxurious update of the shinily optimistic, masculinized American ‘colognes’ (regardless of actual concentration) popular throughout the 1990’s and early 2000’s.

In Beach Hut (technically an Eau de Parfum), we enjoy the sensual with the clean, feeling naughtier and nicer thanks to carefully wrought contrast, which defines this scent. Mint surges forth, a rollicking wave of green that envelops and cleanses. Orange blossom is a tingle of sunshine warming skin, a bold counterpoint to the chill of mint. Galbanum interweaves these opposing components, its sweet green the temperate, calm center of the spectrum. After this spicy beginning, Beach Hut deepens, and we leave behind the glittering sand beach and wade into deeper, turquoise waters. Sparkling vetiver, matte ivy and spider wisp moss knit together an olfactive fabric that is as profound as silk–color saturated yet weightless and perfectly warm. Patchouli, myrrh and dry woods construct a sturdy if subtle bedrock for Beach Hut, which allows the verdant, multi textured heart of this scent persevere. A handsome addition to the classic ‘cologne’ cannon, Beach Hut is sporty, self assured and suave.

Fragrance Notes: Mint, Orange Blossom, Galbanum, Vetiver, Moss, Ivy, Patchouli, Myrrh, Dry Woods

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