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Rose Alcane


Rose Alcane

Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Aether
Country of Origin: France
Fragrance Family: Floral
Style: Unisex


Did it ever exist? Sleeping Aurora could tell us but her lips are sealed more than six feet under, though her wrists still smart with the fragrant tattoo of Rose Alcane and its endless briar. This sidereal rose is a strange, three headed beauty that gives Cerberus a run for his money, in all of its 3-dimensional punch and pop. So textured, vivid and real. Rose oxyde magnifies the multi-lateral magic of this storied bloom and captures every shard of its refracted floral rainbow. Elegantly sheathed in a dry expanse of cowhide, Rose Alcane is equally weapon and salve. Designed to defy gendered expectations and floral preconceptions, this mechanical miracle asks us to consider if creation and destruction are one in the same. In one moment, Rose Alcane is a freshly cut bud and a full, unmoving bloom in metal. Mortality, under the microscope. Rose Alcane is for all those cutting edge romantics dedicated to reality.

Fragrance Notes: Rose Oxide, Oxane

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Product SIZE: 50ml

Product SIZE: 0.7ml Sample
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