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Visionary Eye


Part of the Reward collection.
Inspired by the attitude that David Bowie and the city of Berlin shared in common: this incredible vision that is pure avantgarde and allows the creation of something completely out of the scheme, anticipating trends and styles. 

Dominique Ropion embodies this surprising creative vision, working around one of the most precious and classic raw materials of perfumery - iris- experimenting with new olfactory combinations. The result is an unexpected and unconventional trail that combines historicity and futurism. A sparkling and potent scent of bergamot, absinthe, and white thyme blend with the aromatic accents of lavender and cinnamon revealing a refined and sublime heart of Iris. A captivating and hypnotic base of sandalwood, vanilla accord and musks envelops and captures its sensuality.

Top: Bergamot, wormwood, white thyme Spain
Heart: Cinnamon, ceylon LMR, lavender, Iris (Orris ultimate MD LMR)
Base: Sandalwood, vanilla accord, musk


The Hansa recording studio existed on the outpost of western civilization, standing virtually alone in a flattened wasteland beside the Berlin wall. It was a playground and laboratory at the same time; a buzzing, humming nerve centre of innovation in a city that looked like the most thrillingly creative place on earth.
Bowie produced the albums ’Low’ and ‘Heroes’ while living in Berlin. Having been inspired by the German duo Kraftwerk, Bowie learned to appreciate the electronic aspect of their music and incorporated some of it into his own work. He admired them for their singular determination to stand apart from stereotypical American chord sequences and their wholehearted embrace of a European sensibility.
To help him realize this new musical vision, Bowie was impressed by ambient experimentations. He wanted to shift to ambient music, focusing on tone and atmosphere rather of traditional rock riffs.
Berlin was a special place for Bowie, an important sanctuary for the artist, a real muse of inspiration: unconventional, avantgarde, experimental, full of energy and acceptance, incredibly modern and historical, the balance between opposites.

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Love this Iris fragrance!!! It is my favorite fragrance of the moment!