Oud Wa Misk


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An unusually fruity incense is the initial note in Oud Wa Misk. Closely resembling the rich, tangy nature of plum or grape musk, this incense unfurls dank, gravity-defying purple curls. Through this violet haze, oud appears as a molten, wax-like form. Oud’s characteristic stink is both softer and more malleable when smelt through the thick essence of incense. Musk is a clean, almost floral articulation of animal, utterly free of any feral connotations. Patchouli reiterates the tangy energy of incense. This verdant leaf is utterly innovative, a more solid rendition of the fugitive, surprising sweetness of incense. Oud Wa Misk is a deft, lively exploration of oud as a shapeshifting, flexible note that can pair successfully with anything and everything. Tangy, potent, populated by divergent textures, Oud Wa Misk is a dynamic, scintillating scent that would wear beautifully as a signature or as a special, unique indulgence.

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