Nomenclature Efflor_Esce

Ever since it infused Edmond Roudnitska’s groundbreaking Eau Sauvage with its citric, airborne petals, Hedione (an analogue of a compound naturally present in jasmine) has been one of the most widely-used materials in perfumery. Paradisone, a captive molecule patented in 1996 by Firmenich, is the purest, most precious and powerful expression of Hedione. Like a blossom dropped from heaven, the flower power of Paradisone is "the angelic aroma of one million flowers… a storm of delicacy and diffusion," in the poetic words of the perfumer Arcadi Boix-Camps. Focusing on this intoxicating molecule, efflor_esce builds to an astonishing crescendo of radiance. Frank Voelkl diffuses a breeze of Paradisone over an edenic Sicilian orchard. The jasmine-luminosity of this molecule calls all fruit, leaves, twigs and blossoms of the citrus trees to unveil their bittersweet, ripe souls. Bergamot is a frisson of piquancy, while osmanthus, the supple, velvety apricot and suede, simulates the softness of flesh. An opiate languor underlies this shimmering idyll, namely a white, dank tuberose whose sillage unfurls with hypnotizing slowness. On skin, efflor_esce rings out, like the peal of a bell marking a joyous, love-filled occasion: not merely shiny, but richly textured with superior sillage. If happiness had one, universal scent expression, efflor_esce would be it. This is nature, improved; a man-made paradise.
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