No.14 Noontide Petals


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Noontide Petals is a bright, brilliant fragrance with a modern twist.

With Noontide Petals, Tauer revisits the gilded age of perfumery. In the first quarter of the last century, when aldehydes found their way into some of the most beautiful fragrances, the history of fragrance changed forever. Aldehydes have enabled some of the most stunning effects in scent. By combining or complementing the distinguished beauty of natural extracts (of flower petals, leaves and precious woods) with aldehydes, we can compose the most ennobled, memorable glamour.

A sparkling bergamot rips open the surface of Noontide petals, establishing a vent of fresh air for all the notes that fall beneath it. Its astringency is just about to give way to a richer jamminess, when aldehydes crisp and cleanse; this glitter has fallen through the bergamot wrought, and the magic fairy dust trickles down to even the weightiest notes of Noontide Petals, making this composition shimmer throughout. Bourbon geranium and rose comprise the rest of the clean crew that the aldehydes helm, but these flowers lend their own luxurious dose of spice and bittersweet romance in the process.

The heart of Noontide Petals is unabashedly romantic, filled by a classic triplet of white florals: ylang-ylang’s fresh, fruity sucrose contends with heavyweight jasmine’s heady warblings; tuberose languidly observes her two energetic competitors with such nonchalance, she indubitably outlasts them both.

At the base, patchouli is the bright; rich segue from our floral plateau, leading us into the murkier waters of frankincense, vanilla, iris and vetiver. However, even these lower limits have been gifted with an aerating, refreshing aldehydic finish. Frankincense pops and spits like a fire encountering damp, while vanilla turns into the creamiest champagne imaginable; iris pulsates and disappears, a dragonfly-like spectra of inimitable grace. Vetiver’s earthy spice is highlighted by aldehydes until it dances, a buoyancy that’s smellable even through the silt. Sandalwood and styrax, already acerbic highlights in their own right, enter a new plateau of levity with this fragrances’ signature sparkle injection. Think of the white hot sheen of Jean Harlow’s blond bob and you’ll be in the right ballpark, comparatively speaking: Noontide Petals is as delightful and lovely as it is insouciant and irresistible. If you’ve ever wanted to float into another, more optimistic atmosphere, Noontide Petals is your Tinker Bell.
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