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Xerjoff Shooting Stars Collection

Xerjoff Shooting Stars Collection

Xerjoff Shooting Stars fragrances – The avant-garde bouquets of these sophisticated scents are based on the ancient recipes and traditions of Grasse, but have also been inspired by an amazing natural wonder. In 1947, an awe-inspiring shower of meteorites fell to earth in Russia. It was a still, frosty, almost cloudless morning of February 12, 1947 in Eastern Siberia, when at 10:38 local time a bolid appeared in the sky, clearly visible in a full sunlight. It initially looked as a bright star, but soon turned into a dazzling fireball, which became slightly elongated. The bolid rapidly crossed the sky north to south, leaving behind it a boiling dusty trail of the meteroid particles. Then it passed out of sight behind the hills in sikhote-alin mountains…

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