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Von Eusersdorff

Von Eusersdorff

Floral centric scents, reminiscent of the Gilded age, are as rare today as celebrity perfume are ubiquitous. Von Eusersdorff refocuses on the flower as the central building block for fragrance. Named after the ancestors of Camille Henfling the founder of the brand, the Von Eusserdorfs were a family of German emigrants who ran a New York City apothecary for nearly three centuries. The oils, herbs, spices and petals this family dispensed were the olfactive progenitors of the modern perfume industry. New York is the habitat that inspires the passionate team behind the Von Eusersdorff brand, and the creation of these subtle and original fragrant gems.

As a child, Camille Henfling remembers the heavily scented atmosphere in the apothecary of his grandfather; his holidays spent exploring the rich aromatic textures inside the warehouses of his family plantations in Costa Rica…or days spent wandering about the herbs and spices stock depots in the Netherlands. Formally a businessman, he felt the need to re-unite with his inner core; a process which lead him to rediscover his family heritage.

His cosmic alarm clock rang and, with the newly discovered family archives of secret formulas , Camille found himself in Grasse, He dove nose first into the world of fragrance and for the next three years he developed the skills and formed a talented team to breathe new life into the brand. The result is a beloved, highly sought after line of contemporary, 21st century olfactory interpretations of his own heritage. With a knowledge handed over from one generation to the next, VON EUSERSDORFF proves that a small independent fragrance label is a true commitment to authenticity.

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