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Tobali is a contemporary fragrance house that charms with hidden beauty and celebrates Japonsim through a creative and avant-garde aesthetic that exists within the DNA of Japanese living in modern times.

“2017, Tokyo. As Japanese, we desire limitless stimulation and excitement, as we rapidly absorb and amplify trends from around the world, lining the sky with skyscrapers, with everything operating in coordinated regulation. On the other hand, we also have traditional aesthetic sensibilities such as “Zen”, “Fuzei” and “Wabi-sabi” speaking within us-mental virtues providing stability to the heart that are a fundamental part of our DNA. For those of us living in these modern times, the general view is that “appeal” should be easy to understand and represented logically, but our ancestors had a culture of valuing the beauty that appears when appeal is purposefully hidden inside. “Hidden beauty” brings creativity to knowledge and stimulates new thoughts. This is a creative and avant-garde beauty-different from appeal that, like a gaudy, flickering light, speaks to our primal nature.” – Tobali Founder Muneki Hashimoto

This “hidden beauty” has been visualized by Tobali Creative Designer Tomoyuki Yonezu from EROTYKA TOKYO PARIS. A creator active on the front-lines of both the field of fashion and high fashion, his style is influenced by the arts unique to Japan. His inspiration comes from the white vessels used to store offerings to the gods, white Japanese paper used to wrap the bottles for sacred wine, Mino ware pottery that is respected artistically around the world, and even Japanese candles, burning with a unique flame. He reconstructs traditional Japanese culture using a modern reinterpretation, realizing hidden beauty with just a pure white melody.

“TOBALI” is a Japanese word that was created more than 1000 years ago. It can mean a cloth used to hide something, or hanging silk used to divide a space and offer concealment.

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