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Timothy Han Edition Perfumes

Timothy Han Edition Perfumes

Based in the creative heart of East London, Edition Perfumes crafts olfactory journeys for those who think, create, and explore: for those who follow their passions. Edition Perfumes are produced in small batches called editions, similar to a print edition for a novel. While large marketing departments may have you believe otherwise, like the grapes in a fine wine, raw fragrance materials vary from year to year. We celebrate these subtle variations, creating a limited number per edition in which each bottle is numbered to allow the wearer to easily identify which batch your bottle came from. To deliver truly unique fragrance, we employ all our senses and collaborate with a range of talents; chef Olia Hercules creates menus based on our fragrances; mixologist Paul Tvorah makes drinkable perfume; Kirtland Ash, Cedric Christie, Laurence Passera and Gavin Turk create our covers; Chicago electronic music producer Kate Simko and Rae Morris make scent audible.

Iconic works of literature inspired each of our numbered fragrance editions. The stories are encapsulated in each facet of the journey from the fragrance to the name, the bottle to the artistic collaborations forged with some of the leading artists working today.

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