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source adage NYC

source adage NYC

“source adage” draws its name from the concept of a font of common truth. The uniting principle of our brand is the raw, natural beauty of the American landscape. Our fragrances are an interpretation of the unique character and distinct personality of each region and an homage to their undeniable beauty.

Based in Hudson, NY, Source Adage was founded by creative directors, Christopher Draghi and Robert Dobay. Christopher and Robert’s craft superior products of singular quality, fit to fascinate and enamor the sophisticated consumer. Our design elements help distinguish our work for the savvy, discerning customer who is drawn to the curated. Christopher and Robert’s take a hands-on approach to every aspect of their brand, ensuring each fragrance is distinct and masculine in character. Additionally, Christopher and Robert oversee co-branded collaborations, crafting signature scents for clients in design, architecture and hospitality.

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