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Room 1015

Room 1015

Michael Partouche, Dr. Mike, started out as a doctor of lotions and potions amidst an army of pillboxes. Despite the musicality of the complicated names, this was a prison sentence of eternal boredom for the man with crow-black hair and tattooed skin, inked with symbols of rebellion. Fleeing the discipline of the pharmacy, he threw himself heart and soul into hypnotic rhythms, piercing melodies, torturous solos… In short, psychedelic rock. The guitar was his salvation. Michael stage-dived into rock, its treacherous delirium, its carnage and devastation, its flamboyance and immoderation, its romanticism caught between revolt and desolation… Now a rocker by trade, Dr. Mike learned the ropes on tour and on stage during his 5-year stay in London. Back in France, he decided to unite his two passions in his own fashion. At the crossroad of pharmacy and music, he found fragrance…

Room 1015 is inspired by a radical rock esthetic, the ultra-polished looks of only-seemingly violent personas, the smell-good aura of celebrities and the flashes and spotlights on stage, Michael Partouche (a.k.a Dr. Mike) composes full-volume fragrances. To bring his imagination to life, he chose two perfumers with feverish skills, an electric duo that isn’t afraid to pump up the decibels of hardcore compositions. Amelie Burgeois and Anne-Sophie Behagel make their entrance to give a rock riff to psychedelic trails with one sniff.

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