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Peccato Originale

Peccato Originale

The family-run chemist’s shop cellar is where Peccato Originale was born. Here is where chemist Silvia Monti found ancient recipes which told her stories. She stood entranced as she dusted off boxes which contained Galenic formulations (medicines prepared according to the formulae of ancient Roman physician Galen, or containing one or more organic ingredients as opposed to pure chemical substances.) She understood that a chemist’s shop is a special vantage point to observe people and the psychophyscial disorders that ail them; impulses and frailties, uncertainties and anxieties, battles with resistance and temptation, good and evil.

The fragrances – all of them strictly unisex – follow a “borderline” track between the “olfactory world” and the “perfume world”, that sensory route which is also followed, for the most part, by galenical perfume preparations. The external packaging is based on vintage boxes used to contain the medicines prepared in the pharmacy laboratory and the bottle is a re-elaboration of the traditional emulsion vase. Like a medicament, the PECCATO ORIGINALE perfumes go beyond their function, becoming an emotional support themselves, a travel companion which can remain close to you for a lifetime.

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