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Ormonde Jayne

Ormonde Jayne

The beginnings of Ormonde Jayne are far from glamorous, started almost by chance and at the time little more than the passionate hobby of an uncompromising perfectionist. Linda’s interest in perfumery started early, intrigued by the passion and romance of perfume and perfume bottles. This passion led her to her first career, growing and selling flowers by the roadside outside her Cheshire family home. She learned to make scented candles and bathing oils from craft sets and courses, and created beautiful scented cushions for gifting.

The following fourteen years were spent traveling and working around the world. With a keen business sense and an eye for detail, Linda gained invaluable experience while owning and running a boutique hotel, a soya bean farm and even a small chain of ice cream parlours where she created exotic ice cream mixtures. In these fantastic locations, surrounded by luscious flora and intoxicated by heady scents, Linda first learned to appreciate and research exotic oils and essences – an extension of her childhood hobbies. On returning home, Linda continued with her love of scent and began creating a breathtaking new collection of perfumes.

Ormonde Jayne’s philosophy is one of quality and true luxury, the pursuit of beauty and elegance. Their perfume library reposes on an exquisitely simple principle – extraordinary beautiful scents using speciality oils not widely used in the perfume industry today. Upholding the values of a perfectionist, Ormonde Jayne manufactures all its products in its own London laboratory. Their trained staff share the same vision and every new batch of scented products is carefully inspected before leaving the lab.

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