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A new series, from the creators of UNUM, dedicated to the phenomenon of fog. Filippo Sorcinelli is fascinated by fog: walking past the last houses and lights, deep into the forest and along an unknown road, fog mixes and blends edges, encourages an unseen direction where new shades emerge and contour, noises grow cosy until Sorcinelli himself begins waving and fading. Need–for a path, for meaning, for life–is tangible.

NEBBIA is the space where the lack of references and measure exponentially stimulate every sense, everywhere, whether alone or with a friend. An environment in which we become the trees and inhabit of this (un)natural, brave new world, where every fence or wall or barrier is erased. NEBBIA blurs borders and boundaries and encourages uncertain steps. These three scents erase difference, eclipse thought, and embrace everything. A continuous metamorphosis, a symbolic rebirth through fragrant imagery, a rite of passage.

NEBBIA is the portrait of the air moving inside a mystery, the silent thrill of a realization cooling troubled upset minds, impalpable noises that make us recognize a parallel emotional universe.

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