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L’OBJET is the life work of Elad Yifrach. A lifelong traveler, Elad is especially fond of the Mediterranean, its peoples and ways, and its venerable traditions of fine craft. The hand-crafting techniques Elad has helped evolve, and the exquisite pieces they produce, are unique in the world. Rich in timeless detail and tradition, they are unmistakably modern.

We travel to escape the ordinary. And of the many impressions we take away from our journeys, it is the sense of smell that leaves the greatest impact on our memory. Scents hold the power to transport us immediately to a place in time, to recapture a mood or even to entice us with sensual hints of adventures yet to come. L’OBJET presents a collection of aromatic expressions created from natural oils and essences, blended and poured by hand.

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