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Le Galion

Le Galion

Inspired by majestic seafaring vessels, Le Galion evokes freedom and escape. The beautiful fragrances of Le Galion are impressed upon our consciousnesses, even if this once glorious perfume house was, until recently, consigned to our memory.

In 1935 perfumer Paul Vacher bought Le Galion from its founder, Prince Murat. Vacher had created fragrance for prestigious houses including Lanvin (for whom he co-created Arpège, Rumeur, and Scandal with Andre Fraysse). Vacher, believing it was time to branch out, bought Le Galion. By 1936, his first Le Galion creation, Sortilège, debuted and became an overnight sensation.

Throughout the late 1930s, Vacher created Bourrasque, Brumes and the beautiful floral fragrances Iris and Tubéreuse, always employing the finest, natural, raw ingredients. After French liberation in 1944, he continued to expand the Le Galion line, creating Special for Gentlemen (1947), Frac (1949), Lily of the Valley and La Rose (both 1950), the very famous and well named Snob (1952) and Whip (1953). An esteemed perfumer, Vacher was considered a master of perfumery alongside Ernest Beaux, Ernest Daltroff, Jacques Guerlain and Edmond Roudnitska.

Vacher sold Le Galion to an American group in 1980. Poorly managed, the company quickly collapsed. Le Galion, a picture of French elegance and the ancient artistry of perfume, of elegance and quality, seemingly evaporated. More than 30 years later, Le Galion Perfume House is reborn from the ashes. Back are the original, exceptional, fiery and subtle fragrances, communicating a rare, refined sense of luxury. Le Galion is for modern men and women, mad for the (olfactory) midcentury.

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