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January Scent Project

January Scent Project

John Biebel is an artist, perfumer, and digital user experience designer living and working in the Boston MA & Providence, RI areas. He’s a graduate of the Cooper Union in NYC where he studied painting and photography. His paintings are in private collections in the US, UK, EU and Caribbean.

John began his exploration in scent and olfaction design as a writer for Fragrantica. He interviewed perfumers like Alessandro Gualtieri of Nasomatto and Laurice Rahme of Bond No. 9. He was awarded 2017 Rising Star by CaFleureBon for his contributions to scent and JSP perfumes have appeared in London’s Rakesprogress magazine and The New York Times.

After years of intensive study with materials, he first released a perfume oil in 2016, followed by the first EDP, Smolderose. On the craft of perfuming, John has said “Making a new scent is making a giant leap into the unknown. You can only plan so much, the rest is discovery as you work. I compare it to standing on a map, and you jump across an ocean into another island, another country – that’s how I approach my work. I always want to experience smells & sensations that are totally different from what I’ve just made.”

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