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J. Lesquendieu

J. Lesquendieu

Created in 1903 by Joseph Lesquendieu (a young, innovative French pharmacist and perfumer), J. Lesquendieu fragrances are produced without constraint, with a focus on creativity and the finest available ingredients. This dedication to excellence earned this company a following of discerning Paris-based clientele. Lesquendieu gained fame as it’s French clientele traveled throughout the Americas, leading to an American division in 1904, on 45 West 45th Street in New York City. Joseph Lesquendieu died in 1962, but his perfumes continued to be produced through the early seventies. Eventually, J. Lesquendieu ceased its production and was dormant from the early eighties, until now.

Joseph Lesquendieu aimed for excellence, and when creating a fragrance he liberated himself from budgetary constraints, placing the priority on quality and creativity. Working closely with his team of trusted employees, Lesquendieu was able to keep his company small and establish a quality, trusted brand.

In 2015, the revival of J. Lesquendieu was initiated by one of the founder’s grandsons who inherited his family’s passion for fragrance. Today, J. Lesquendieu is still a family-owned enterprise and the approach remains unchanged: no limit is placed on the creativity of their perfumer, their inspiration driving the development of a fragrance. Crafted from the finest materials, it’s easy to fall in love with these rare, gemlike fragrances.

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