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As we wander through life, a jungle of information threatens to overwhelm, endless stimuli deafens, blinds and obscures. But within ourselves, there is a place where we can create, where we can truly listen.

In the silent space between thoughts, emotions and our fears, we experience being. It is here, in stillness, that we discover ourselves as infinite, inspired, unique but united by a shared destiny. INSPIRITV honors this spiritual journey through fragrance that reveals and transforms the most evocative of our senses into a personal, powerful exploratory instrument.

Five paths, five fragrances trigger a creedless enlightenment and awareness. LVX means LIGHT. The aphorism ‘Lvx in Tenebris’ owns up to the origins and brand history. The other four fragrances are inspired by the cardinal virtues: FORTITVDO, IVSTITIA, TEMPERANTIA and PRVDENTIA. The INSPIRITV COLLECTION of fragrances encompasses a bouquet of exclusive essences created by French Master Perfumers from Grasse.

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