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Twisted Lily is proud to introduce GALLIVANT. Founded in 2017 by Nick Steward, former Creative Director of L’Artisan Parfumeur. This modern indie fragrance house is all about discovery. GALLIVANT captures the vibe of our favorite destinations in unisex eau de parfums for urban explorers who travel light. Seamless and streamlined, all packaging (30ml nomad bottles) enables feet-on-the-ground exploration and supports our freedom to wander. Designed in London, handmade by artisans in France and England.

GALLIVANT scents are legible, modern and memorable. An unapologetically wearable signature, these perfumes marry the creativity of elegantly composed artisan perfumery with beautiful, noble ingredients. A contemporary edit. The first four fragrances are Brooklyn, Istanbul, London and Tel Aviv. Each corresponding scent shares the stories these cool, creative cities have to tell.

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