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Euphorium Brooklyn

Euphorium Brooklyn

Euphorium Brooklyn reimagines Victorian-era perfumery. Based on historical detail, fiction and non-fiction merge in this strange tale of perfumers from the 1860′s. CILICE is the first chapter of this journey.

Based on the story of “Euphorium Bile Works”, 1860 Greenpoint. Inspired by concepts and notes from the “Euphorium Bile Works” collection. The crest features a chimera (Stag, Bear and Dragon) to represent the three founders of Euphorium Bileworks, Etienne Chevreuil (Stag), Rudolph Komodo (Dragon) and Christian Rosenkreuz (Bear). Quality, origin and distillation processes of our materials are historically accurate and lend unique character to each fragrance.The finest rare and exotic oils, tinctures and absolutes are handcrafted in small batches and harmonized according to the euphoria-inducing Komodo Process. Euphorium Bileworks eau de parfum is velvety smooth oil much like raw essential oils; it achieves an intimate, “close to the skin” sillage. Bold notes and fugitive accords shape-shift yet remain rich. Animal-friendly accords reproduce 19th century perfumery materials such as ambergris, castoreum and civet. 

Euphorium Brooklyn decants of 15 or 30ml in 19th century glass replica bottles from original supplier and Greenpoint neighbor “Chas. Graham Chemical Pottery Works.” The glass stoppered bottle is a bureau ready rendering of the fragrance, while an accompanying travel decant with modern leak-proof screw cap contains the eau de parfum. Initialed and numbered, each batch of perfume varies in subtle ways from harvest to harvest. Packaged and assembled in Brooklyn, New York.

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