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As the granddaughter of Marcel and Helene Rochas, Pauline Rochas grew up steeped in the legacy of the Rochas fashion and fragrance house. Her grandmother immersed Pauline in the Rochas heritage and philosophy, and the iconic Rochas fragrances became the springboard that propelled Pauline’s love of scent and her leap into the world of perfumes.

While our ultimate strength lies within ourselves, the power of scent to fuse mind, body and spirit is undeniable. From this inspiration Rochas created a lifestyle brand as intricate layers of an evolving Sacred Universe, unifying the senses to harmonize our physical and spiritual bodies through the art of fine perfumery.

Rochas collaborated with Carole Beaupre to conceptualize The Seven Collection by Coolife. Displaying Rochas’ modern holistic approach to perfumery, the collection is influenced by the seven Chakras of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom that harness vital energy centers through which our lifeforce flows, and draws upon legendary Shamanistic and medicinal uses of precious aromatic raw materials.

Fueled by her passionate belief in the power of scent as a means of artistic expression, Rochas has worked with some of the most creative and sought-after perfumers in the world and evolved the line to include seven compelling fragrances with exclusive blends of luxurious, rare and minimal ingredients sourced meticulously from around the globe.

With a goal to help people navigate our stressful world , feel more energized and reconnect to the earth, Rochas’ unique fragrant vision with Coolife goes far beyond skin-deep and transcends mere adornment. Coolife hopes to unleash the vitality of the seven Chakras and nurture the complete being.

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