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Charenton Macerations

Charenton Macerations

From Charenton Macerations:
Hidden inside every fragrance house, there is a wall. Some call it “The Wall of Orphaned Fragrances,” others, “The Wall of Lost Dreams.” Whether deemed too olfactively challenging for mainstream audiences, too conceptually controversial, or too reliant on ingredients rare or expensive to source, this wall is home to countless abandoned fragrances, most of which never see the light of day. It is this wall that first inspired the creation of Charenton Macerations. We have set out to create a home for fragrances, be they misfit or misunderstood, that dare to disobey the rules of the mainstream perfume world… a home we call the Fragrance Underground.

At Charenton Macerations, we create fragrances that make a statement. We are committed to olfactive storytelling unencumbered by expectations regarding fragrance type or tired gender stereotypes of scent. Our fragrances are not aspirational accessories. They are crafted from the raw emotional experiences of those who encounter them. They flower from the rituals and revolutions of our collective past. They speak using the rich vocabularies of all genders. They are transcendent, irreverent and provocative. Yet they are always incomplete. The final ingredient is always you.

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