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Atelier de Geste

Atelier de Geste

Atelier de Geste (The Gesture Studio) Scents are olfactive expressions of gesture, color, and movement. ADG creates scents because they believe that olfaction is an artful, powerful and transportive sense that elevates and intensifies everyone’s daily life. Scents are an everyday theater: colors and shapes, moods and memories, rhythms and forms. 

ADG Scents are made in limited edition batches, created with the finest ingredients. A heritage perfumery in Grasse, France hand mixes ADG scent formulas, all paraben/sulfate/phthalate free. The most limited edition scents are mixed in-house at their NYC scent lab. ADG is committed to creating sustainable luxury products, made from consciously-sourced, natural, exquisite ingredients that are a cut above.

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