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Andrea Maack

Andrea Maack

ANDREA MAACK PARFUMS is a Reykjavík based fragrance house founded in 2009 by the selfsame visual artist. Maack’s paintings in pencil and mixed media, incorporating elements of fashion and graphic art, often evolve into sculpture and wearable art. Originally created for museum exhibitions, the eau de parfums are an extension of Maack’s artistic practice and exemplify her signature focus on quality and authenticity. Her first scents were unveiled at the 2008 Reykjavik Art Festival; each fragrance explores the conceptual space between her visual art, heritage and memory. The distinctive collection of fragrances is made out of the highest-grade raw materials.

Featured in major international publications since their launch, ANDREA MAACK scents are designed for any gender and collected by customers in pursuit of the modern art of fragrance.

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