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Alchemistry. Under the artistic direction of Nicolas Chabot, perfumers Amelie Bourgeois and Anne-Sophie Behaghel have created a hypnotic collection of five precipitations. Delights for the skin and soul, these egoless perfumes create atmospheres wherein everything extravagant, whimsical, playful, disturbing and inappropriate is allowed. A profusion of abstraction, Aether regards yesteryear, while existing beyond the familiar or reassuring. This is scent born out of a momentary lapse in reason or expectation. Intentional ‘oversights’.

Disappointed by bottles of conformity and the tiresome trope of realism in perfume? Aether is a contemporary pharmacopia for the adventurous. A tribute to synthetic molecules and the frenzy of chemistry, Aether is a wearable, olfactory kamikaze, a beautiful stranger. Our noses cling to surprise and submit to emotion. Aether captures the first moment, time, day: if every molecule has a distinctive scent, what would those scents smell like? Aether is not a flower show built upon fragrant tradition, but an evocation of metallic vegetation, unknown forest, imperceptible sounds: Aether expresses the moments that lie beyond apprehension. Appearing on skin like luminous halos, Aether casts an aura of humor and mystery.

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