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Sultan Vetiver


Sultan Vetiver
Sultan Vetiver2

Sultan Vetiver

Extrait de Parfum

Nishane Istanbul

Country of Origin: Turkey

Fragrance Family: Woody Aromatic

Style: Unisex

Pungent, brilliant and as fresh as the rich damp earth, Sultan Vetiver recalls a royal garden, at the outset of spring. While few plants are in full bloom, this transitional moment feels thrilling rather than spare. Javanese vetiver evokes the sparkling, rich soil that blankets the beds, nude and effusively mineral-rich. As the gem-like elements of vetiver-earth evaporate into the air, we begin to process the budding structures that feed off this substantial base. Anise is the sweet, slightly candied freshness of new leaves. Pepper recreates the final, icy exhales of winter that hold this garden back from bursting into season. Bourbon vetiver, warmer indeed than Javanese, continues to articulate the increasing climes of spring, it's green a glowing, sunny bomb of second wave vetiver complexity.

Haitian vetiver picks up this thread and deepens it, simulating the rich, ripe green of summer grass after a storm. Tonka bean sparkles, like fresh dew clinging to these insurgent greens. Amber and leather foreshadow hazy heat of a hotter sun that soon will wash this regal setting from early till late. A final frontier of vetiver reignites and invokes each previous incarnation of the Sultan's plant and makes Javanese, Bourbon and Haitian do one final number, as a trio. A sensual, multifaceted green that glints and gleams like an emerald, Sultan Vetiver is an unusually rich and concentrated articulation of its star ingredient. A timeless fragrance that's unlimited by gender or occasion, Sultan Vetiver is a constant, impassioned classic.

Fragrance Notes:

Java Vetiver , Absinthe, Schinus Molle, Bergamot, Bourbon Vetiver, Haitian Vetiver , Neroli, Tonka, Amberwood, Leather, Brazilian Vetiver


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Sultan Vetiver

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