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Nebbia FITTA (Thick)


Nebbia FITTA (Thick)

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Product Type: Extrait De Parfum
Brand: Nebbia
Country of Origin: Italy
Fragrance Family: Woody
Style: Unisex


Like cool water streaming over skin, Fitta is gorgeously refreshing and powerfully galvanizing. Amber engineers salty, reverse aquatics: in other words, this solid, crystalline concentrate of savory sweetness paradoxically conjures a flowing blue stream, through which the other elements of Fitta float and flit. Patchouli is unbelievably light hearted here, a dulcet, green smolder that is only slightly bitter.

Precious woods construct the heart of Fitta, as if the amberous, patchouli-laced waters of this scent were streaming through a dam built of (what we imagine to be) agarwood, ebony and cedar. As woods are wetted, they release their scent into the air; there is the unmistakably lactic funk of something oud producing, the impenetrable, glossy beauty of a hardwood and the cinnamon smokiness of a softer, more pliant material. As our amber-patchouli river passes through and over these woods, their smell is multiplied. Behind all this luminous strength, there is a faint slipperiness, wetland accord: algae slick yet reminiscent of flinty reed grasses, here is where we find a tantalizing salinity. Cooly intriguing, Fitta smooths over even the most obstacle-laden path, forever flowing forwards.

Fragrance Notes: Amber, Patchouli, Precious Woods, Wet Earth Accord

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Nebbia Filippo Sorcinelli Twisted Lily Unum
Product SIZE: 50ml

Product SIZE: 0.7ml Sample
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1 review for Nebbia FITTA (Thick)

  1. Helen

    I’ve smelled lavender at its most floral and at its most medicinal, but not until my having smelled Fitta could I say I’ve understood the idea of rust in a fragrance. A most unusual facet of lavender makes Fitta the industrial scent that it is. The urban feel of this note enhanced by the patch + aoud is at once rainy and metallic. I am reminded of some disturbing moments squeaking in oblivion while being cranked from the hair-raising factory engines. *5+ Stars*

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