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Extrait De Parfum


Country of Origin: France

Fragrance Family: Oriental

Style: Unisex

A resolutely masculine extrait, Vespero (which means evening in Esperanto) is dedicated to dandyish, urban night owls who’ve been waiting expectantly in the shadows for their signature scent worthy of their quirky souls and nocturnal perseverance. Vespero emanates a kind of intimate exclusivity, attracting like minded spirits who understand that to wear this perfume is to play a kind of game, while tipping one’s hat to other solitary, midnight panthers. Bergamot and pink grapefruit alternately infuse crisp apple with sour and spice, creating an image of a sweet, slightly creamy fruit that oozes an odd kind of fairytale liquor (think absinthe).

Cedarwood introduces an almost mustardy heat after the lactic cool of Vespero’s top notes. Geranium tempers cedarwood’s savory smolder with its lightly sugared sparkle, while leather and jasmine add an earthy, sweet dimension that funks up this fragrant planet like a full moon in the middle of a retrograde. Patchouli snakes throughout the whole of Vespero, a leafy green serpent determined to stir up a decidedly enjoyable brand of trouble. Ambery woods and enigmatic musks shield Vespero from prying eyes, maintaining its intensity, lasting power and enigmatic magnetism. A surefire hit amongst self-selecting lunar lovers, Vespero enables and seduces as efficiently as the dark curtain of night.

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