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Keap Candle WOOD CABIN


Keap Candle WOOD CABIN

Product Type: Candle
Brand: Keap
Country of Origin: United States
Fragrance Family: Woody Aromatic
Style: Unisex


Welcome to the cabin. Open the door and the warm fireplace draws your eyes. Cade is the bittersweet breeze that blows behind you, slipping playfully through chinks in the wood structure to silently stoke this early evening blaze. Cedarwood mimics the fresh, dulcet smolder of light wood burning, a smoke that is neither too dense nor too diffuse. The damp animalism of wet moss seeps through the window, a reminder of the dawning evening darkness settling in beyond these rustic walls: but inside, all is light and delightfully cozy.

Nutmeg shimmers, and speaks to the possibility of some imbibable, cooking or cooling–perhaps an old fashioned, bracing cocktail. Palo santo’s minty signature snakes throughout, a reflection of the mystic-calm quality of this secluded space. Burnt pine needles contribute a frisson of piquant spice, their freezing nip magically afire in this Wood Cabin.

The perfect candle to burn when you’re craving a solo hiking trip, or simply want to simulate a romantic hideaway, burn Wood Cabin and you’ll incinerate any structure (physical or ephemeral) that makes you feel stuck. This candle radiates hospitality, comfort and regeneration. Made with clean, sustainable coconut wax. 50 hour burn time.

Fragrance Notes: Cade Juniper, Cedarwood, Wet Moss, Nutmeg, Palo Santo, Burnt Pine Needles

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Product SIZE: 7.4oz


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