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Burning Rose Travel Candle


Burning Rose Travel Candle

Travel Candle


Country of Origin: France

Style: Unisex

She is one of those who leave a trail of fire in their path. Her magnetism draws all eyes. Her elegance is dizzying. There is nothing demure about this rose. She has spent nights curled up in leather, wrapped in birch leaves, rooted in dark and mysterious woods. Burning Rose opens like a velvety petal, and once you think you’ve understood who she is with her accents of powdery violets and luxurious rose absolute, she plunges you into the darkness of ebony and plumes of birch smoke.

14 hr. burn time

Fragrance Notes:

Rose Petals, Leather, Rose Absolute, Violet, Birch Tree, Ebony Woods


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Burning Rose

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