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Sketches Of Water – Tinted Moisturiser


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Sketches Of Water – Tinted Moisturiser


Rouge Bunny Rouge Cosmetics

Country of Origin: Italy

We have recreated the effect of the lake’s gentle tides with Sketches on Water Tinted Moisturizer. Its light, gentle hues dissolve into your skin, to even out skin tone and hide minor blemishes while maintaining a light, breathable feel.

This fluid Tinted Moisturizer gives your skin seamless, radiant glow and quietly underlines your natural beauty. The sublimely light texture refreshes with a high percentage of water and absorbs quickly, leaving an imperceptible film that veils small imperfections.

Loaded with botanicals and skin protective ingredients, our Tinted Moisturizer nourishes, hydrates and protects your skin against negative environmental factors like pollution and UVB rays. It includes Vitamin A and E which have anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties; Malachite Extract is rich in copper and detoxifies the skin; it is also anti-oxidant. Smithsonite Extract provides natural UVB protection and is rich in Zinc, an essential mineral for the skin that aids healing. Laminaria Digitata Extract (Oarweed, a seaweed rich in calcium and potassium) fights fatigue, reinforcing the cells’ natural defenses and is anti-bacterial. Hyaluronic Acid and PCA attract and bind moisture into the skin, preventing and treating dehydration.** Botanical Squalene (from olives) prevents water loss by helping repair the hydro-lipidic film whilst maintaining tone and elasticity and Prunus Extract (from the Cherry Tree) is rich in Isoflavones to naturally improve firmness.

Sail away to pure, radiant beauty with Sketches on the Water.

** Upper layers of the epidermis

The Evergreen Lake is one of the most quietly magnificent treasures of the Enchanted Garden; serenely still, fringed on all sides by majestic trees that despite their sumptuous size radiate vitality, unaltered by eyes and time.Each morning at dawn, the lake’s silvery waters gently rise, bathing the roots of the trees in a diaphanous blanket of smooth calm. The water quietly ebbs back to the lake, leaving a hardly noticed shroud that diffuses a shining vigour and a tranquil embrace throughout the trees, from the deepest root to the tips of the leaves on the highest branch.With the lake retreated and the sun risen above the treetops, the shimmering reflections sing out from the water in unison, an overall effect of unfluctuating beauty; countless intricacies woven into a seamless tapestry of light and harmony.
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041 Adansonia
Color: 041 Adansonia

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Transparent wash of pale milky beige.

042 Sequoia
Color: 042 Sequoia

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Transparent wash of pinkish beige.

043 Quercus
Color: 043 Quercus

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Transparent wash of warm tawny mid-beige.

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Sketches on Water - Tinted Moisturiser 041 Adansonia

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