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New Sibet


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New Sibet

3 Reviews
3.00 out of 5

Parfum Extrait


Country of Origin: United States

Style: Unisex

Beautifully cool (like the moment that immediately after the sun sets), New Sibet is an elegant, visceral fragrance that awakens and soothes. Not limited to the evening, but dispersing an indisputably twilight resplendence New Sibet rustles, like lapis-lavender crepe de chine upon freshly cleansed skin. Carnation is subtly effervescent, a powder that highlights skin unique beauty like a customized, cosmetic beam of moonlight. Mint is solid entity, a crisp, green warmth that makes our fingers tingle and our mouths water in anticipation. Ash cleanses, adding shadow, depth and the lightest trace of woodsy structure. Leather maintains New Sibet from the center out, a sumptuous texture that invites us to recline and enjoy its luxury, just as its taut snap echoes through our heart, an audio-textural call to action. Iris shimmers in a plentiful, soft fashion, nascent stars reborn in the darkening sky. Cistus adds a smoldering warmth that coaxes the oleaginous, delectable animalism of goat fur into being, while moss strains the spice and funk of goat fur through its shapely fingers, ensuring that it grounds but never dominates the delicate layers of New Sibet. A quiet thrill.

Fragrance Notes:

Carnation, Mint, Ash, Leather, Iris, Cistus, Goat Fur, Moss

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New Sibet
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3 reviews for New Sibet

  1. 1 out of 5


    Maybe my nose isn’t as sophisticated as that of others. I couldn’t figure this fragrance out or well decipher its notes. New Sibet simply wasn’t memorable. I didn’t care for it.

  2. 3 out of 5

    (verified owner) – :

    I have to say that this is, unfortunately, not my favorite combination of scents. The floral notes are overpowering, and at points cloyingly sweet. It’s definitely too powerful and sweet for me, but may work for others.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner) – :

    Absolutely, utterly excellent. Opens with really arid, coarse iris, nothing like the usual powder puff – there’s something sort of toasted about it, but not in a gourmand sense, in a much more kiln-dried wood kind of way. This moves swiftly into barnyard fur and leather, the much-talked about “goat fur” accord. The way this ages though, oh my god. It turns into ashes and carnation, spice and cinder. It’s both dry and savory, rich and spare. I could swim in it.

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New Sibet

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